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Pure Testosterone Steroid Testosterone Cypionate Powder For Sale

Testosterone Cypionate Properties CAS Number:58-20-8 Molecular Weight:412.6g/mol Molecular Formula:C27h40o3 Appearance:White or White-off Crystalline Powder Purity:99.1% Color:White Suitable for:Elderly, Children, Adult Other Name:Test Cypionate, Tc, Test C Descriptions about Testosterone Cypionate Testosterone Cypionate Injection, for intramuscular injection, contains Testosterone Cypionate which … Continue reading

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Buy Oral Anti-Estrogen Anabolic Steroids Toremifene Citrate Powder

Toremifene Citrate Properties CAS Number:89778-27-8 Molecular Weight:598.09g/mol Molecular Formula:C26H28ClNOC6H8O7 Appearance:White Crystalline Powder Suitable for:Adult Purity:>99% Uses:Bodybuilding State:Powder Our Advantages 1.Domestic Shipping Service Provided. We can provide domestic delivery service in USA, Canada and European countries because we have distribution centers … Continue reading

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Oral Anabolic Steroids Tbol Turinabol Raw Powder For Sale

Turinabol Properties Synonyms: 4-Chlordehydromethyltestosterone; 4-Chloromethandienone CAS Number: 2446-23-3 Formula: C20H27ClO2 Molar mass: 334.89 g/mol Appearance: White Crystalline Powder Assay: 99% Min Active Life: 16 Hours Half-Life: Oral Turinabol 16 Hours Will Not Regret to Choose Us Domestic Shipping Service. We … Continue reading

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Pure Testosterone Steroid 17a-Methyltestosterone Powders

17a-Methyltestosterone Properties CAS Number: 65-04-3 Formula: C20H30O2 Molar Mass: 302.45g/mol State: Raw Powder Assay: 99% Min Suitable for: Adult Purity: >99% Appearance: White Crystalloid Powder European Domestic Delivery Service In order to provide best service for you, we established agency … Continue reading

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